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The Fame Monster Lady Gaga (2009)

by timetospa May 14, 2010
The Fame Monster Lady Gaga (2009)

Normally, timetospa offers slightly obscure reviews to give the lesser known somebody some publicity. However, Lady Gaga is such a talented and amazing phenomenon that we thought we would dedicate some space for a well deserved accolade. First, her music is catchy and fun. She makes ‘fantastico’ videos and also gives quite a good interview (with a surprisingly high childish voice in comparison to her low, strong singing voice) but beyond her sensational, pop star persona, hairy boots and the Orb that she wears occasionally, she is a super talented piano player and performance artist.

According to an interview on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, she dedicates everything – time, money and passion – to the persona that we know as Lady GaGa, “I don’t care about buying a huge condo or anything like that. It’s all about the performance. It’s all about the art.” She said (paraphrased). The Fame Monster promises that more of us will become goo goo over Ga Ga and that she quite possibly could be an icon of the millennium in years to come. Listen to Paparazzi, solo piano version, on Youtube. You Go Ga Ga.


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