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Wine Pairing: 2006 Morgon

by timetospa May 14, 2010
Wine Pairing: 2006 Morgon

timetospa wine expert Jérôme Ottenwaelter recommends this perfect pairing:

2006 Morgon "Vieilles vignes" by Guy Breton, Gamay from France

Let's have guiltless fun: Fish? Red tonight, no white, thank you. And for an exotic recipe where tons of flavors explode, why not an old vine from one of the most traditional regions in France?

Finding a wine that would resist this recipe without overpowering it was the challenge, and to do so while being balanced with all components, from swordfish to curry, and jalapeno to mint.

Gamay is often good-humored in Beaujolais, but in Morgon it develops a whole new dimension, where playful becomes elegant, and earthy shows the exuberance of the ground. You may be surprised by the fireworks created with this association.

  • This wine retails at around $22 per bottle.


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