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Paraduxx “Napa Valley” Duckhorn Winery

by timetospa June 16, 2010
Paraduxx “Napa Valley” Duckhorn WineryThis unique blend of Zinfandel and Bordelaise Grape varietals is meant to be consumed with young to showcase its lushness and soft backbone. It’s a great wine that pleases a wide variety of wine drinkers. The wine is medium bodied with lots of fresh crushed fruit and very soft and gentle tannins. It has a balanced acidity that’s refreshing and cleansing. The aroma is lush with lots of black currant, coconut, vanilla and some pepper and spice. The flavor is dominated by sweet black fruit such as cherry and blackberry with a lingering finish of sweet oak.

Because Duckhorn winery minimizes the use of pesticides and sulphur usage, this wine is a healthy choice to pair with grilled poultry. Roasted aromas will really bring out the wine’s flavor.

Recommendation provided by Steffen Rau, the sommelier of Johnny V Restaurant in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.


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