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Sunscreen products: Every bit counts

by timetospa June 7, 2011
Sunscreen products: Every bit counts

All-over body skincare requires more than just a daily shot of lotion. The truth is that it's important to wear sunscreen religiously as well as understand what a good sun routine entails.

If you're one of the many women who run their daily errands without applying a layer of SPF, you're certainly not alone. However, because sun damage is cumulative, those five minutes you spend picking up the mail will eventually snowball into one massive unwanted effect. Make all-over sunscreen application a part of your daily beauty routine.

That being said, don't assume that every bit doesn't help. According to Allure.com, many people falsely believe that any SPF factor higher than 30 has no added effect, but this certainly is not the case. Use a higher SPF factor if you burn more easily or if you intend to stay out in the sun for an extended period of time (this means adding an extra layer of sunscreen on top of the SPF contained in your makeup!).


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