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Is caffeine on your body skincare menu this summer?

by timetospa June 16, 2011
Is caffeine on your body skincare menu this summer?

You wouldn't leave your house without a cup of Joe in the morning, so why let your skin hit the wind without a healthy dose of caffeine-infused skin care products? As strange as it sounds, this lively ingredient is capable of perking up more than just your state of mind.

Glamour.com recently recommended a caffeine-containing body lotion for anyone with a desire to whip her booty into beach-ready shape (as well as a daily regimen of squats, of course).

For all the hard-to-reach areas that your exercise routine can't handle, lather on some Bliss Love Handler for a bit of added help in the flub region. Love Handler contains extended-release caffeine to help manage your body's problem areas while cooling mint oil and amino acids help stimulate circulation and boost cellular metabolism to break up lipids.

To extend the same treatment to your mug, try Ionithermie Oval Botanic, which contains caffeine as well as other natural ingredients to help maintain the firmness of your facial skin.


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