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Beauty products can help diminish the appearance of bruises

by timetospa June 22, 2011
Beauty products can help diminish the appearance of bruises

Did you know that your makeup products had a secret alternative use? If you're an athlete and you've always hated the way your legs look when they're covered in bruises, there's a great solution that you've got to try.

Makeup artist Scott Barnes revealed to Allure.com that foundation alone can't fight off the appearance of a big, ugly bruise. The missing ingredient? Believe it or not, red lipstick, which "helps neutralize the dark bluish tone of a bruise more than foundation alone can," the news source explains. Dab it on, set with powder and then apply a concealer on top for an all-natural finish.

This same color-opposition technique can be applied to other flaws as well. Many green-based concealers are designed to neutralize the red color of pimples to help them blend more seamlessly into your skin (and hopefully disappear). Just be sure you're not mismatching makeup shades where you shouldn't be - foundation and under-eye concealer should always perfectly complement your skin.


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