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Magnificent beauty products to get that matte finish

by timetospa June 24, 2011
Magnificent beauty products to get that matte finish

When envisioning the summer, no one wants oily skin in the picture. Fortunately, you can employ a bit of beauty know-how to help combat oily skin and bring yourself that much closer to an ideal season of gorgeousness.

If you're prone to shiny skin, consider adding an oil-controlling serum to your daily skincare routine. A mattifying serum can help tame those unruly T-zones - be especially on the lookout for products containing sulfur, which is esteemed for its unparalleled ability to control shine.

If your problems are of a slightly more pedestrian variety, you can employ simple tricks within your makeup routine to help keep oil at bay. Using a face primer prior to applying tinted moisturizer is an excellent alternative to foundation in the summer - topped with translucent powder, you can rest assured that the only kind of shine you'll be flaunting is the kind that comes from within.


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