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Allantoin: Your secret anti aging skincare weapon

by timetospa June 28, 2011
Allantoin: Your secret anti aging skincare weapon

To the great benefit of city-dwelling women everywhere, there's a plant that's been gaining a lot of attention in the anti aging skincare industry. Allantoin, an ingredient found in the comfrey plant, helps stimulate cell regeneration and soothe the skin after long, harried days.

"Allantoin is very helpful in protection from environmental conditions and helps the outer layers of your skin shed, which is beneficial in a city lifestyle that is filled with pollution," Dr. David E. Bank told StyleList.com.

If your anti aging skin cream doesn't contain this revolutionary ingredient, consider throwing it into the mix for added help on the front lines against aging.

Elemis SOS Emergeny Cream is the perfect daily moisturizer for harnessing the beneficial properties of allantoin. The formula restores the skin's balance, offering added protection while simultaneously soothing any stresses that may have accumulated throughout the day. It's also great for layering with makeup.


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