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Skimp on beauty products for Hollywood healthy skin

by timetospa June 29, 2011
Skimp on beauty products for Hollywood healthy skin

Minimal makeup looks have become the hottest trend this summer, with celebrities like Jennifer Lopez embracing the "less is more" ideology. What this ultimately requires women to do is pay less attention to heavy makeup application and more time dealing with skin care. Beauty products can definitely go a long way in helping women feel their best, but Lopez believes there is another element to looking good.

"If I have a red-carpet event, I'll do a face mask in the morning," she told Company magazine. "And I'll take a nice bath to relax myself because I think the better you feel, the better you look.

To look well-rested and glamorous like Jennifer, you may want to try to simply apply a face mask which contains natural ingredients and essential oils, and fill the bath with exfoliating salt scrubs in order to replace dead skin cells with fresh, healthy skin. For the ultimate bathing experience, try using aromatherapy products like the Cedarwood Spa candle from Elmis, which mixes eucalyptus, cedarwood and rosemary scents to create a luxurious and relaxing scent.  


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