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Body and skincare trend alert: pearly white smiles

by timetospa June 29, 2011
Body and skincare trend alert: pearly white smiles

A healthy bright white smile is one of the hottest features to flaunt this summer, but many women are unaware of the easy and inexpensive things they can do to lighten their teeth at home. Keep reading to learn how to transform your choppers without expensive dental visits, using inexpensive beauty products and drugstore remedies.

Over-the-counter teeth-whitening products are widely available and are relatively inexpensive, with some formulas working at nearly the same capacity as in-office dental treatments. The Go All Out Kit from GoSMILE combines PVP and hydrogen peroxide in easy one-use applicators that are proven to lighten teeth by at least three shades when used every day for one month. Flavored touch-up kits are also available for keeping up the white tooth shade.

Wearing red lipstick is also an excellent way to make teeth appear whiter, as the bright red contrasts with gray or yellowed teeth, giving them a lighter appearance. Shades of red with natural blue undertones work best to to improve the appearance of dull teeth, but make sure to try out a number of different colors beforehand so the product works with your skin tone and complexion. 


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