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Shower-friendly skin care products

by timetospa June 30, 2011
Shower-friendly skin care products

It can be difficult to maintain an early morning skincare routine while trying to pick out an outfit, grab a healthy breakfast and leave in time for the 9 o'clock shuffle. That's why health and beauty companies throughout the nation have developed products that work to cleanse, exfoliate and pamper skin when used in the shower during the five minutes it takes for hair conditioner to set.

When entering the shower, before shampooing hair, a facial cleanser should be applied with fingers and gently washed off using a wash cloth. After washing, shampoo as normal and apply conditioner - then use a high quality, oil and fragrance-free exfoliating cream to open up pores and remove dead skin cells.

After leaving the shower, apply a moisturizer for healthy, balanced skin throughout the day. Bliss the youth as we know it moisture cream is an excellent choice for women of all ages, as it works to tighten pores while reducing the signs of aging.


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