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In the world of anti-aging skincare, retinoids reign supreme

by timetospa July 6, 2011
In the world of anti-aging skincare, retinoids reign supreme

Many essential anti-aging skincare ingredients are practically household names these days, but if skincare experts had to agree, would they all vote on one substance that packs the most weight where fighting the signs of aging is concerned?

"Whenever I interview a dermatologist, I want to ask them what they use on their skin at night," writes Catherine Shreves of ABC affiliate WGNO News. "Hands down, the most popular response I get is that they use a retinoid at night."

It's no small secret that a good retinoid can help stimulate cell turnover and even reverse previous damage resulting from acne or other skin traumas. It's no small wonder that retinoids are the main active ingredient in many night cream formulas, which lend new meaning to the term "beauty sleep."

La Thérapie Vit-A Lotion - Vitamin A Anti-Oxidant Lotion is a patented cell renewal lotion that harnesses the power of retinoids to help turn back time on your skin. The formula is equipped with 7 percent Retinyl Palmitate to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and provide a top-line anti-wrinkle defense.


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