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Finding middle ground with work-friendly makeup products

by timetospa July 12, 2011
Finding middle ground with work-friendly makeup products

Given the recent controversy incited by a department store employee who lost her job over her refusal to wear makeup products, it's likely that more than a few women are reassessing their nine-to-five makeup routines for the sake of accommodating personal tastes as well as workplace convention.

Makeup etiquette will vary depending on the industry you're in, but it's possible to come up with a safe middle ground that should pass in any workplace environment.

The important thing is to look clean and polished, so depending on the condition of your skin, you may be able to forgo base makeup. For those who are most prone to breakouts, an oil-free lineup of primer, foundation, concealer or any combination of the three is probably a good idea. If you're lucky enough to flaunt flawless skin, a touch of tinted moisturizer or translucent powder couldn't hurt.

Once your mug is looking crystal clear, a bit of minimal blush, mascara and clear gloss or balm should be enough to perk you up without going overboard. Eyeshadow and liner are completely optional unless otherwise noted in your employee handbook - when in doubt, keep it understated.


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