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Makeup products that work in the hot, hot heat

by timetospa July 15, 2011
Makeup products that work in the hot, hot heat

After the thermometer reaches a certain point, there's no fighting the wiles of the heat much longer. Even the most carefully-laid makeup won't prevent a little bit of shine from coming through. That being said, it can work quite to your advantage if you embrace the balmy atmosphere a little and let it work its way into your overall look.

Glamour.com pointed out that Jessica Szohr recently pulled this off quite adeptly at the Miami Swim Fashion Week.

"She went with slightly shimmery finishes," the news source observes. "See, humidity makes everything look all wet and shiny eventually anyway, so you can't really go for full-on sparkle. And matte just won't stay that way - no use in trying. But something that has a hint of shimmer is perfect because it can get a little shinier and still look like you planned it that way."

To make the most of the heat, it does pay to take a few preventative steps, however. Using a combination of primer and tinted moisturizer will give you the coverage you need while providing a no-slip base for your makeup. A light dusting of translucent powder will help keep excess shine at bay.


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