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Soothing skin care products for your eczema

by timetospa July 18, 2011
Soothing skin care products for your eczema

Living with eczema doesn't have to be a burden, especially if you know which skin care products to keep in your collection. Soothing dry, irritated skin should be a daily part of your beauty routine, but you may benefit from different tactics than those with normal skin typically rely on.

"Avoid triggers like perfumes and detergents, which can make the irritation worse, and opt for gentle fragrance-free cleansers and moisturizers," Elle.com advises. "If eczema is severe, topical or oral cortisone can help but...overuse of the popular steroid can decrease its effectiveness, thin the skin, and lead to more itching and dryness - the exact symptoms it's meant to soothe."

Prevention goes a long way, but there are products you can use that will help keep your symptoms at bay.

Elemis Spa At Home Skin Nourishing Milk Bath contains a milk protein base replete with lots of nourishing vitamins, amino acids and minerals. This soothing formula is perfect for calming down irritated skin, and is a great remedy for eczema as well as dry skin, allergies, acne, dermatitis, psoriasis and sunburn.


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