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Body skincare you can do at home

by timetospa July 26, 2011
Body skincare you can do at home

If your skin is craving attention, but you don't have the money for a spa treatment, give yourself a facial using homemade skincare products.

First, cleanse your skin to remove all traces of dirt and makeup. A warm mixture made with a couple tablespoons of whole milk and a few drops of olive oil will clean and soothe your skin. Use circular motions to massage it in, then rinse with warm water.

You can exfoliate with a mixture of olive oil and sugar, which will get rid of dead skin cells on the surface of your face that can make your skin look dull. Massage onto damp skin and rinse off with warm water.

Next, tone your skin with a toner made from one part witch hazel and two parts rose water. This will get rid of any cleanser residue and prevent any break-outs. Just sweep it over your face on a cotton pad.

Lastly, massage a moisturizer into your skin. Warm it up in between your palms before you apply. Work the cream into your skin in a circular motion and wipe off any excess with a tissue. Your face will be revitalized and your wallet will still be full!


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