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For men, products need to smell and look gender-neutral

by timetospa July 26, 2011
For men, products need to smell and look gender-neutral

Contrary to popular belief, many guys aren't opposed to occasionally using women's beauty products, such as a women's skin care product that promises to do something they think will benefit them.

Some guys use women's products because they're accessible. If given the choice between your shampoo or going without shampoo, most guys will choose your shampoo, especially if it claims to do something they like the sound of, like moisturizing dry strands.

If you have a women's product with packaging that is gender neutral (no pink, flowers, etc.), your guy may not feel as guilty about using it, so you might want to hide it if you notice the amount in the bottle is dwindling. The same goes for scents that are minty, citrus-based or musky. Since both genders are attracted to these scents, it's not uncommon to find colognes or perfumes that could work for both women and men.

Men's products may be packaged in a more streamlined, male-friendly way without a girly scent, but essentially they do the same thing, so it's okay to share skin care products with your man, regardless of who it was made for!


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