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Tips for total sun-damage control

by timetospa August 1, 2011
Tips for total sun-damage control

Hitting the beach this summer brings its share of bliss, but if we aren't vigilant about protecting our skin, it also presents the opportunity for some serious sun damage. From debilitating, lobster-like burns to the humiliating possibility of sporting a raccoon-face (a burn around your sunglass line), it's safe to say that no one wants to suffer the pains of scorched skin.

If your last beach outing resulted in a little too much fun in the sun, you can find relief using a variety of body skincare products.

First, soothe serious sunburns by rubbing in a little CND Scentsations Cucumber and Aloe Lotion. Aloe has long been used as a remedy to relieve burns because it alleviates and had mild astringent properties.

Next, once your burn has completely dissipated, start your damage control by enlisting La Therapie Sun and Scar Repair Collection. This skincare arsenal includes Glycolic Visage Renew, Glycolic Lotion Renew and Glycolic Touche Renew, which help repair damage done to the face, body and hands. In addition to erasing the effects of the sun, this collection will also assist in the reduction of wrinkles and acne scars, making it a perfect product for total body skincare.

Don't be afraid to enjoy the summer sun - just make sure you're protected!


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