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How to use eye shadow to achieve that perfect 'come hither' look

by timetospa August 2, 2011
How to use eye shadow to achieve that perfect 'come hither' look

Every day, millions of women brush on eyeshadow without a thought. In order to achieve that flawless 'come hither' stare, however, you need to use a little technique.

Follow these simple steps to score perfect peepers every time:

1. Choose the right palette. Your eyeshadow choice should complement your look, whether you want to highlight your eye color or that fabulous minidress you'll be wearing. Using a palette is a good idea to ensure the perfect color match.

2. Blending is key. However, knowing how to blend isn't so easy. First, start with a light-colored matte, and brush it over your entire lid, all the way up to your brow. Using a good quality brush will help makeup adhere to your skin without caking. Then, apply a slightly more vibrant shade to the lid. Finally, use a third, more pronounced color over the crease of your eyes, to give them a little definition.

3. Brush on a coat of your favorite mascara. A double coat will help your eyes pop, but wait at least 30 seconds before applying a new coat to avoid clumping.

Take care of the skin around your eyes at the end of the night by wiping off the shadow with a makeup removal product, like Elemis FreshSkin Make-up Away Cleansing wipes. To keep your eyes in great shape, give them a little love using the Absolute Eye Mask, also by Elemis.


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