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Feed your soul with a relaxing bath elixir and aromatherapy

by timetospa August 4, 2011
Feed your soul with a relaxing bath elixir and aromatherapy

These days, Americans are busier than ever before. Between the office, the classroom and managing our home and social lives, we hardly ever have the opportunity to stop and smell the roses, or to simply rest.

Not taking the time to do so could be perilous to both our physical and mental health, however. Practicing self-care is one of the best ways to prevent illness, and it also helps us to relax and unwind at the end of a long day.

Start your own routine tonight by steeping in a warm and soothing bath with Elemis Spa At Home Quiet Mind Relaxing Bath Elixir. This sensual bath product will help you de-stress after a challenging workday.

While you're soaking, treat yourself to a good book or play your favorite music in the background. Try burning an aromatherapy candle, like the Banana Leaf Cube Candle from Mandara Spa, and let all your cares leave you.

When you're finished, rub a little Elemis Spa At Home Frangipani Monoi Body Oil into your skin to seal in moisture and keep you feeling your best.

Make self-care a part of your regular routine. You'll preserve your health and help keep stress at bay.


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