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How to make the right statement with your first date outfit

by timetospa August 29, 2011
How to make the right statement with your first date outfit

First dates are fun, romantic, engaging - and all too often completely nerve-racking! One of the biggest conundrums most gals face when preparing for a first date is what to wear. You want your clothes to reveal a little bit about your personality, but no so much that he thinks he's got you totally pegged.

Here are a few ideas on how to make the right statement as you get ready for that epic first night out.

1. Casual classy: Lace says classy like nothing else. Try donning a simple lacy dress or flowing lacy top and covering up with a cute denim jacket. Keep the length of your skirt or dress between mid-thigh and knee-length in order to maintain the class-factor.

2. A bit of an edge: Show off a little of your rebellious nature by choosing a pert mini skirt in a solid color and contrasting it with a vibrant pair of tights. Make sure the top you choose is equally vibrant, but be careful not to go overboard when mixing and matching prints. Clunky jewelry will help this look.

3. Sleek and sophisticated: You want to seem posh and chic, so keep it simple! Opt for tailored clothes like a fitted blouse and a tight, just-above-the-knee-length skirt. Twist your hair into a fashionable updo to complete the look.


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