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Change your thoughts, change your weight

by timetospa August 30, 2011
Change your thoughts, change your weight

We all know that the key to a fit and healthy body is a nutritious diet and regular exercise, however, putting those ideals into practice can be tough. The preconceived notions that some people have about food can make it even tougher to maintain a healthy lifestyle, according to Self Magazine health experts.

Here's the real scoop on a few of the top diet-wrecking ideas that many people cleave to.

1. Dividing food into "good" and "bad" categories, such as bread is "bad" and apples are "good," is an ineffective practice for anyone looking to lose weight. The reason for this is that we deny ourselves healthy items, such as bread - which can fill us up and give us the energy we need to get through the day - while often underestimating the calorie count of so-called "good" foods. Apples, for instance, have between 100-200 calories a pieceon average, according to the Healthy Weight Forum.

2. When ordering at a restaurant, a salad is not always a healthy choice. Restaurants often add sugars and fattening dressings to their salads to make them tastier and more appealing. Other popular offerings are breaded chicken, nuts and cheeses over salads, which can put the calorie count just as high as a regular meal.

3. All fat is not bad. Unsaturated fats fill us up and help send the signal to our brain that it's time to stop being hungry.


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