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Transitioning your beauty products from summer to fall

by timetospa September 7, 2011
Transitioning your beauty products from summer to fall

Just because the air is a bit chillier doesn't mean you have to retire that stunning dress or skirt you've been sporting all summer. In addition to knee-high boots, leggings and tights, your choice of beauty products can help transition your look to be seasonally appropriate.

To start, you want to make sure your face is as vibrant as it was when you had that sun-kissed glow. You can achieve a bright visage with a high-quality anti-aging moisturizer like the Pro-Collagen Marine Cream from the Elemis skincare line, which will hydrate and foster cell renewal to leave skin supple to the touch.

To add color to your cheeks in a way that suits autumn, consider skipping the bronzer and using a rosy matte powder, suggests Vogue. Pair this hue with a neutral lip in either a dark brown or red and then highlight your eyes with a thicker liner.

UV protection is important year-round, so look for a skin care product with SPF like La Thérapie's Glycolic Day Cream, which has SPF 30.  


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