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Longing for lustrous locks? Add an oil treatment to your routine

by timetospa September 8, 2011
Longing for lustrous locks? Add an oil treatment to your routine

To keep your hair radiant, your cuticles need to be moisturized. Our bodies naturally produce oil to line the scalp, but women with dry or curly hair may need to use additional hair products to maintain a healthy coating.

You can purchase a hot oil product or heat up a few tablespoons of hot oil that you have at home, but it's important to take note of a few tips beforehand. First, be careful to monitor the temperature of the oil to avoid burning your skin (aim for very warm instead of boiling). Once the oil is ready, apply it to your hair and scalp. For best results, gently massage it into your head for two to three minutes.

Next, wash and condition your hair as you usually would. This will remove the excess oil, but the sheen will remain. In addition to the weekly treatment, be sure to use high-quality products on a regular basis.

If your hair has been damaged by excessive heat from blow dryers and straightening irons, consider using a product with thermal protection like Steiner's Rehab Hair Therapy for Damaged Hair. The combination of an effective daily treatment with weekly oil care will leave your mane thick and healthy.  


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