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Refresh your complexion with vitamin E

by timetospa September 8, 2011
Refresh your complexion with vitamin E

Do you wish you had smoother skin and shinier hair? The solution may be in your vitamin intake. Vitamin E has been linked to improved complexion, stronger nails and healthier locks.

To get more of the nutrient in your diet, look for foods stocked with the substance, like almonds, avocado and vegetable oil. Almonds are easily portable and are a great snack to have on hand during the work day.

In order to access the vitamin E stored in almonds, soak the raw form of the nut overnight. The water will deactivate the enzyme inhibitors, making it easier to digest.

While it will take time for your body to process the nutrients and send them to your skin cells, you can gain instant access to vitamin E with moisturizers from the CND lotions line. CND Almond Hydrating Lotion includes jojoba oil and leaves skin soft to the touch.

The formula can function as part of your anti-aging skincare routine. Enhance your manicure by applying some of the moisturizer before filing and painting your nails. 


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