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How to keep your guy's skin smooth every day

by timetospa September 22, 2011
How to keep your guy's skin smooth every day

As autumn approaches, the air gets cooler and drier, which causes skin to lose moisture. Most women incorporate various creams and lotions into their daily routines, but the men they love may not.

The Elemis skincare line offers numerous products for women, but it also has a robust men's collection. Give your guy the Elemis S.OS. Survival Cream, which will keep his skin smooth and blemish free.

This go-to product features lavender and myrrh, as well as marine extracts, and can ease irritation on even the most sensitive skin. Not only will this keep his face fresh, it will make his shaving routine more comfortable and minimize the chances of razor burn.

The S.O.S Survival Cream debuted to rave reviews a few years ago and won the 2006 Best New Men's Grooming Product at the CEW Beauty Oscars.

It will work great with his active lifestyle, as it is ideal to use after a workout or other outdoor recreation. This is one gift that will be sure to win his favor.


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