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The secret to surviving the autumn cold and flu season

by timetospa September 23, 2011
The secret to surviving the autumn cold and flu season

With the changing of the seasons, it often seems that the number of passersby sniffling and coughing begins to rise. To beat off the onslaught of fall bugs, consider incorporating this immune system boosting treat into your diet - yogurt.

A group of Chinese researchers recently published a study in The Cochrane Library Review which found that the probiotics inside this tasty snack can help individuals avoid upper respiratory tract infections, such as the common cold.

Glamour magazine has several recommendations for simple ways to add yogurt to your meals throughout the day. Replace milk with yogurt as you bake or layer a dollop on top of fresh fruit for a midday pick-me-up.

Avoid extra calories as you work toward a healthier body by replacing syrup with yogurt on top of that morning batch of pancakes. As you take care of your internal state, be sure to keep your skin looking fresh on the outside. Use the Elemis skincare Exotic Island Flower Body Balm to moisturize your cells while surrounding yourself with a pleasing aroma.  


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