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Keep your feet smooth all winter long

by timetospa September 26, 2011
Keep your feet smooth all winter long

Winter is known for its harsh conditions, especially in the northeast. From violent snow storms to slick roads, constant dangers present themselves to drivers and passengers alike.

Your skin will likely become drier, and walking around in clunkier shoes, like heeled knee-high boots, more often during this season can cause your skin to wear out and calluses to develop on the bottom of your feet.

To get rid of unsightly marks that may have already formed, use the CND Earth Mineral Bath, which is part of the company's beauty products line. If you have a tub dedicated to pedicures alone, fill it with water and then add a scoop of the Earth Mineral powder.

After the compound dissolves, place your feet in the tub and let them soak for approximately five minutes. This also comes with an aromatherapeutic benefit, as the product is stocked with peppermint, grapefruit and lavender oils. After a session in the tub, your feet will be perfectly sanitized and ready to dance the night away on the weekend! 


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