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Cultivating healthy skin from the inside out

by timetospa October 5, 2011
Cultivating healthy skin from the inside out

Many women know to research the beauty products they use in order to keep their skin soft and luminescent on the outside, but they should also be sure to follow a lifestyle that allows their new layers to be healthy.

The Huffington Post distributed a set of recommendations that can help people establish the healthiest skin possible by taking care of their bodies internally. In addition to foundational steps, like not smoking and getting around eight hours of sleep every night, ladies should try to minimize stress levels to keep their skin fresh.

Human bodies function best when they remain at a generally calm state, but a healthy way to release any built up tension is to exercise. A regular fitness routine also boosts circulation, sending more nutrients to cells across the body, including the skin.

Choosing a healthy snack over the greasy comfort food that stress hormones often convince people to reach for can keep the skin healthier and make individuals feel better in the long run.

With these essential lifestyle habits, women can increase their overall well-being and boost their skin's appearance.  


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