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The many uses of chicory extract - from body detox to skincare

by timetospa October 6, 2011
The many uses of chicory extract - from body detox to skincare

Chicory granules are commonly known to serve as a caffeine-free coffee substitute, but the extract from chicory can take on a number of other roles. Ladies can use chicory extract to treat a number of conditions, from an upset stomach to dry skin.

Many individuals use chicory extract as a homeopathic remedy to refresh the liver, gall bladder and kidneys in addition to treating joint pain, notes wiseGEEK. If you regularly take medication for these ailments, consult a doctor before using chicory extract as a treatment.

Beyond these medicinal uses, chicory extract can also be featured in beauty products thanks to its hydrating capabilities. The Elemis Skincare Peachy Perfect Gentle Face Wash includes chicory extract among its active ingredients, along with elderflower extract and lemon.

The Peachy Perfect Gentle Face Wash will leave users with a smooth, glowing complexion and is specially designed for use by ladies in their teens and twenties. For best results, women should wash their face every morning and night to remove dirt and grime from pores.  


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