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Taming flyaways and frizzy hair

by timetospa October 7, 2011
Taming flyaways and frizzy hair

Thanks to over-processed and dry strands, many women have difficulty managing locks of hair that refuse to fall into place. If you're looking for a solution to your flyaways, there are few household items recommended by Elle magazine that could serve as unexpected beauty products.

To tame all that static energy, consider rubbing a dryer sheet over your hair. Hair expert Ted Gibson told the fashion magazine that "dryer sheets are a way to combat static and deodorize hair."

If you don't have one of these laundry staples available, you can also rub lotion onto your hands and wipe the excess on your locks. However, this can leave ladies who have oily hair looking a little too greasy, so it's always best to use a high-quality hair product if possible.

The Steiner Identity Lightweight Definition Cream is able to smooth and hydrate unmanageable hair, so you can style it without any hassle. This formula is so effective, you only need to apply a small dose to dry hair as needed.  


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