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Taking your eye makeup from day to night

by timetospa October 24, 2011
Taking your eye makeup from day to night

It's always nice to have a date to look forward to after work, but if you have a busy day in the office, you may not have a lot of time to get ready to meet your beau. To plan ahead, go for a professional makeup look that you can easily transition to evening.

As you get your makeup products ready, the first item to include should always be the Elemis Skincare Absolute Eye Serum. The delicate skin around the eyes needs to be moisturized regularly in order to prevent the development of fine lines.

At work, you want a smooth layer of foundation, but you should avoid heavy eyeliner and bold lip colors. For a quick beauty routine when you get home from the office, only plan on changing your eye makeup and lip gloss.

Without taking off your initial layer of makeup, sweep on liquid eyeliner for a captivating cat-eye look and apply some mascara to your lashes. Add color to your cheeks with a peachy blush and apply a sultry lip stain to your pout and you'll be date-night ready! 


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