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The key to pulling off a successful enzyme peel

by timetospa October 31, 2011
The key to pulling off a successful enzyme peel

Exfoliation is an essential part of an effective skincare routine, but this step must be handled with care to avoid agitating the skin. Products designed to remove dead layers from the skin can start to pull off the healthy layers if they are applied in a rough, heavy-handed manner. A gentle touch is key to the exfoliation process.

In addition to scrubs, ladies can use an enzyme peel to brighten up their complexion. Consider using the Elemis Skincare Papaya Enzyme Peel to receive the best quality results. This moisturizing formula is ideal for sensitive skin, and will leave skin hydrated instead of dry or red.

This solution uses the natural enzymes found in papaya and pineapple to provide a soothing experience for women who may shy away from peels for fear of breaking out in reaction to harsh chemicals.

This easy-to-use peel also boasts several other skin boosting ingredients, including milk protein, Vitamin E and marine algae. This powerful combo removes dead skin, repairs the remaining layers and provides a foundation for the development of healthy skin cells.  


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