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Don't get caught with yellow teeth

by timetospa November 1, 2011
Don't get caught with yellow teeth

Imagine that you're out one night with your girlfriends and happen to see a cute guy across the room. You accidentally-on-purpose make eye contact and he gives you a slight grin. You think he's attractive, so you gather the courage to go over and talk to him. Just as he reaches out to shake your hand, he smiles - showing a mouthful of yellow teeth.

There's nothing quite as unattractive as stained teeth. It makes people think that you don't take very good care of yourself and may slack off when it comes to brushing. You don't want to be one of these people, so it's important to make sure your teeth are always sparkling and bright.

GOSMiLE GO GLAM is the perfect kit for on-the-go whitening when you don't have the time to brush your teeth. It comes in a cute metallic clutch that you can stash all of your necessary makeup products in, and comes with a Sheer Pink Smile Brightening Lip Shimmer. An assorted collection of GO SMiLE Touch Ups will freshen your breath and gloss your teeth, keeping them white and fabulous. You'll never have to worry about the first impression your smile makes!


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