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Tips for giving yourself a great pedicure

by timetospa November 2, 2011
Tips for giving yourself a great pedicure

At-home pedicures are about more than just removing your current shade of professional nail polish and switching it to a new one. Your pedicure should pamper your feet as much as possible and leave them feeling smoother and prettier than you ever thought possible. Here are a few tricks for getting just that, inspired by Allure magazine.

1. Don't use a pumice stone or file when your feet are wet. Calluses and rough skin are hard to see and the file won't grip your skin as effectively, so file before you wet them.

2. After filing your feet and cleansing, dampen them and use an extra rich foot scrub, like CND Sea Scrub to slough off dead, dry skin. Finish with a moisturizing lotion like Elemis Spa At Home Treat Your Feet Foot Cream, which will melt into your skin while soothing your senses.

3. When shaping your toenails, file them straight across to prevent in-growns. Only file in one direction to prevent cracking and peeling. Swipe on a bit of nail polish remover afterward so the polish will stick, then paint on thin coats of your favorite shade.


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