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Tapping into the calming benefits of vanilla

by timetospa January 14, 2012
Tapping into the calming benefits of vanilla

While many scents are used in aromatherapy, vanilla is one of the most effective. According to LiveStrong.com, several studies have found that this sweet fragrance generally provides the greatest relaxation effects.

Thanks to its ability to help those within reach unwind, many individuals acquire candles and incense stocked with vanilla to use as they take baths and prepare for bed. One of the key active ingredients is heliotropin, which is responsible for moderating the startle reflex.

Additionally, some research has found that vanilla can serve as an aphrodisiac for men, leading many perfume retailers to add the scent to their offerings. So the next time ladies head out for date night, they should consider spritzing a few sprays of this sensual fragrance!

If you want to enjoy the advantages of vanilla in your home, consider purchasing a Mandara Spa Vanilla Incense Box of 4 or an Elemis Spa Candle, which features vanilla, cinnamon and orange and can burn for an estimated 130 hours. Both items can also serve to liven up the decorations in any room.  


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