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Managing a busy schedule while looking your best

by timetospa January 19, 2012
Managing a busy schedule while looking your best

When you know you have a jam-packed week ahead of you, you may be anticipating the need to counteract the dark circles and puffy eyes that are sure to result from not getting a full night's rest.

Consider the following tips to maximize the little bit of free time you'll have available:

Cook in bulk. At the beginning of the week, prepare several dinners and lunches so you don't have to worry about what you're going to eat day-to-day. If you buy a pound of chicken, don't put it all in one dish - split it up among different options like pasta, rice and salad to give yourself more variety.

Make a list. Don't overlook the value of writing things down. It's easy to lose track of your tasks when you have a full plate, so record what you need to do and check it as completed once you're done.

Maximize beauty products. While you are making the most of your time, you can also keep your look fresh and young by using handy items like the Bliss Triple Oxygen Instant energizing Eye Mask, which can make you look alert even if you don't manage to get those eight hours in. 


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