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Counteract hormonal changes on the skin

by timetospa January 20, 2012
Counteract hormonal changes on the skin

As women age, their hormone levels begin to change, which can impact the appearance of the skin. New discoloration, acne and dryness are common side effects of this transformation, according to WebMD.

As ladies compare their faces at age 40 to their 20-year-old selves, they may notice the results of the slower process of cell renewal. Younger people fully replace skin layers every 30 days, while this cycle takes approximately 45 days for their middle aged counterparts, notes the source.

In addition to slower regeneration, women experience drops in estrogen levels as they age, but testosterone takes a longer time to decrease. This evolving combination can result in increased oil production, which has the potential to create blemishes, even in women who never experienced them in their teen years.

Teens tend to be more susceptible to cystic acne, whereas more mature ladies may notice small red bumps forming along the jawline and around the mouth. To tackle these unsightly markings, women can use an anti-aging skincare product like the Elemis Pro-Radiance Cream Cleanser. This formula removes impurities while reducing the appearance of wrinkles.  


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