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How to reduce red patches on the face

by timetospa January 20, 2012
How to reduce red patches on the face

Some women are affected by chronic red blotches on their faces, which may be the results of a skin condition such as rosacea, eczema or psoriasis, as well as an allergic reaction.

Rosacea and psoriasis have no known cure, but can be treated with ointments to relieve the symptoms. When taking antibiotics, doctors may caution individuals to stay out of direct sunlight, as they may be more susceptible to developing red markings. A few people may even have a sun allergy, notes Discovery Fit & Health.

Regardless of what's creating the uneven complexion, ladies do not have to rely on makeup alone to establish a luminous skin tone. The Elemis Skincare Daily Redness Solution contains an anti-inflammatory formula that moisturizes the skin while treating the source of any blotches.

The combination of malt, amino acids, honey, brown algae and a phytoamine biocomplex addresses broken capillaries and comforts irritation. Absolute of Rose is also featured, which not only helps reduce redness, but also boasts stress-relieving benefits. Ladies can apply the Daily Redness Solution cream after washing their skin.  


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