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Caring for your skin before and after waxing

by timetospa May 21, 2012
Caring for your skin before and after waxing

Nearly every gal has at least a little extra hair, whether it's her eyebrows, legs, armpits or even bikini area. The fastest way to get rid of unwanted hair is with a quick, relatively painless wax that'll have you on your way in about 15 minutes. To make sure your waxing routine doesn't damage your skin, here are a few skincare tips you should follow to keep yourself healthy and happy.

Before you wax, take a break from harsh exfoliants or acne-fighting washes. Skin that's already irritated or thinned by intense beauty products won't stand up as well to waxing, and you could wind up with red, irritated patches. Go easy on yourself in the days leading up to your wax, and use plenty of anti aging moisturizer to keep skin supple and hydrated.

Once you leave the salon, you'll want to take care of your recently-waxed areas by applying plenty of soothing products. Moisturizers, especially those containing aloe vera, are a great way to calm skin and keep it looking its best.

In between waxes, pluck stray hairs using tweezers and routine to your normal skincare routine.


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