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Getting your skin bikini-ready

by timetospa May 29, 2012
Getting your skin bikini-ready

Is your body bikini-ready? Just about everyone has a lump or bump they'd like to change, but it can take months to get rid of cellulite or drop those pesky 10 pounds. Luckily, you can instantly feel more confident in your bikini bod just by making sure your skin is healthy, tan and smooth.

Even the skimpiest bikini looks sexiest on a gal who's got a little color and a lot of hydration. You can get both by opting to use beauty products containing self-tanning lotion. Not only will a self-tanner hydrate and moisturize your skin - reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles - it'll also give you a sunkissed bronze tone without exposing you to the sun's harmful, aging rays.

If you do plan to lay out this summer, protect your skin with plenty of sunscreen. Using an anti aging moisturizer with SPF 25 or above will preventing skin damage, but it'll still give you a chance to get a little color while you're hitting the beach.

And as for getting rid of those last few pounds you don't want? It may require patience, but eating right and getting healthy exercise a few times a week will help you shed them in time to show off your bod before the summer ends.


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