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Summer hairstyles inspired by the beach

by timetospa May 29, 2012
Summer hairstyles inspired by the beach

With the thermometer on the rise and the humidity heading upwards to match, it can be a chore to spend hours blowdrying your hair and flat ironing out every kink and curl. Instead, use the right beauty products to embrace your natural texture and rock these simple styles inspired by beaching lounging.

1. A messy bun. Summertime is about letting loose! Just sweep your natural curls on top of your head and secure with an elastic and bobby pins. Don't worry if a few pieces fall out - this style is meant to look relaxed and carefree.

2. Beachy waves. Look like you're on the way back from the shore by letting your hair air-dry. If you've got pin-straight locks, add a little style with a scrunch of mousse. Pin a section back behind your ear for a slightly more polished look.

3. A loose braid. A side-swept braid is easy, feminine and perfect for keeping thick hair off your neck when the weather gets hot. Braid your tresses loosely and toss over one shoulder and you're good to go!


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