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Kiss thin lips goodbye

by timetospa June 5, 2012
Kiss thin lips goodbye

For centuries, men have pondered over - and failed to reach a consensus on - a question whose answer still eludes many to this day: what do women want? But for ladies, the answer to this timeless quandary is simple, even if the result is sometimes hard to achieve. We want smooth kissable lips, and if we don't have them naturally, we want makeup products that will help us get them.

With a product like Bliss Fabulips Instant Lip Plumper, you can kiss your troubles with thin lips goodbye for good. Made from a therapeutic blend of vitamin E, shea butter, grapeseed and jojoba oils, this nourishing alternative to traditional cosmetic procedures will pay your lips a valuable service. The Instant Lip Plumper's soothing formula helps hydrate and heal chapped or damaged mouths even as it works to enhance your pout.

In addition to the Instant Lip Plumper, achieving that supple look can come down to the tricks you have in your makeup arsenal. Before applying any lipstick, remember to prime. This pre-conditioning will ensure your color lasts throughout the day and maintains its vibrancy. After you've readied your pucker for a splash of color, trace the outline of your mouth with a lip liner in a nude or flesh-toned hue to bring added definition. When it comes time to select a color for your lipstick, opt for something dramatic, like a deep burgundy or classic red. With your newly supple pout as a focal point, your guy's eyes will have a hard time drawing away.


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