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Guard against thermal damage

by timetospa June 7, 2012
Guard against thermal damage

We love the heat, but unfortunately, the heat doesn't love our hair. With each morning spent straightening or blow-drying strands, you could be causing damage that will leave shafts dull and prone to breakage. But with hair products designed to protect against thermal damage, you can repair and restore luster to brittle locks.

“When using hot tools such as flat irons, curling irons or blow dryers, always use a thermal protecting styling product," beauty consultant Lance Blanchette said in an interview with Elle Magazine.

You can lock out heat and prevent coarse strands from ruining your day with a product like Phytolisse Finishing Serum. Clinging to your strands to lock out humidity, this potent serum can soothe frizz and flyaways while adding plenty of shine.

When it comes to thermal damage, certain behaviors can be responsible for making the problem worse. Improve hair by using your dryer sparingly and allowing tresses the opportunity to dry naturally. If you're still wedded to your blow dryer but have noticed that your hair has visible signs of injury, invest in a salon-level dryer that will evaporate water at an accelerated rate. 


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