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Hot summer styles for your 'do

by timetospa June 7, 2012
Hot summer styles for your 'do

Summer is an exciting time to try out new hobbies and emerging trends, and it's also the best time to experiment with sizzling new hairstyles. Lift your hair's spirits during the hottest time of the year with a break from the old. Our tips, combined with the right hair products to leave hair beaming with shine, can make your strands the perfect inspiration for others.

An adorable updo will keep you feeling cool and stylish all throughout the next heat wave. The ponytail, which may have been your go-to as a kid, offers the most versatility of any look. You can complete an elegant side ponytail or bring whimsy to your office duds with a braided ponytail. For a burst of romance that's perfect for summertime nuptials, tuck baby's breath inside your locks or weave a crown of roses to wear during the ceremony.

With humidity making temperatures more difficult to bear, we wouldn't recommend a style that requires use of your blow-dryer or flat iron, as thermal damage could seriously harm your hair. Plenty of summer 'dos can give you the opportunity to show off your tresses, like sharp, fringed bangs or a super-cute deep side part, which can make your face look noticeably thinner. Picking where to make a new part is always tough, but you can use the outer corner of your eye to determine the best place to make your mark.

To achieve the luster needed to pull off one of these alluring hairstyles, try a product like Phytojoba Intense Hydrating Shampoo, which will help cleanse and hydrate hair shafts. Fragrant with the scent of coconut and made with jojoba oil and cornflower seed extracts, this shampoo delivers a vigorous dose of energy that will leave limp strands feeling rejuvenated. 


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