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Quick beauty pick-me-ups for work

by timetospa June 8, 2012
Quick beauty pick-me-ups for work

Maybe you slept through your alarm or you were just in too much of a rush to manage your usual beauty routine. Now you're on the way to work and you feel naked without your usual makeup. No need to fret! Try a few of these skin care beauty products to give yourself the confidence you need to strut your stuff in the office.

The best trick to perk up your appearance is to smooth over your complexion. With a product like Freeze and Go Instant Smoother and Brighter, you can be ready to show your face after just a few moments. Compact enough to slip inside your purse before you leave the house, this creamy blend can help lessen the appearance of fine lines and crow's feet while leaving skin looking fuller and supple. Freeze and Go is also infused with vitamin C, coconut oil and shea butter, meaning your face won't just be softer - it'll smell like the tropical vacation you're due for.

But what about your lips? In the morning, mouths can feel dry and chapped. Some creams contain a multi-layered formula that will cast a protective coat over lips, keeping them hydrated and free of harmful free radicals. For help masking laugh lines around your cheeks and pout, look for a formula with active collagen or plant cell extracts. By the time you stroll into work, you'll look as radiant as ever. 


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