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Anti-aging secrets every guy should know

by timetospa June 19, 2012
Anti-aging secrets every guy should know

As women age, they become more proactive about skin maintenance in order to counteract the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. However, the negative cosmetic effects of getting older are not exclusive to women. Men can also benefit from an extensive anti-aging skincare regimen that includes moisturizing and anti-wrinkle cream.

One of the most demoralizing signs of age is the sight of baggy eyes marred by crow's feet. Products that can ward off this and other signs of advanced years include Elemis Time Defence Wrinkle Delay. The cream features a blend of murumuru, jujube and maracuja oils that are soothing enough to boost skin's hydration but also tough enough to chase the wrinkles away from your face.

To get an eye cream's optimal performance, consider a nightly application before you hit the hay. This can bring much-needed nutrients to your flesh, and with the ability to penetrate deeply into pores, skin can be noticeably softer within a few days of staying on top of the routine. Don't forget to store your cream in a cool spot, as this can help cream stay fresh. The fridge works best - just be sure to keep your cream properly labeled to avoid any mishaps. 


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