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Give your routine an all-natural boost with green tea

by timetospa June 20, 2012
Give your routine an all-natural boost with green tea

Want a refreshing beverage for the summer months? Forget soda and other sugar-laden drinks that can leave your body feeling dehydrated and bloated. Instead, consider a thirst-quencher loaded in antioxidants like green tea. Green tea's benefits extend beyond the beverage realm and many of the season's most popular beauty products are rife with green tea.

Green tea is touted as a miracle drink because, quite simply, it is. A cup of this tasty brew can keep the doctor at bay due to its unique ability to boost metabolism, lower cholesterol and increase fat oxidation. Rich in vitamins A, C and E, green tea can hydrate your skin. The antioxidants found in the tea, referred to as catechins, can also help banish free radicals - a main cause of aging - from your face for good.

For a product that will bring green tea's replenishing power to the deepest reaches of your pores, try CND Scentsations Citrus & Green Tea Wash. CND's foaming gel will help moisturize cracked tissue, and with a therapeutic blend of vitamin A, E and aloe vera, can help restore your complexion to its former glory. 


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