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Three foods that will help you get beautiful skin

by timetospa June 26, 2012
Three foods that will help you get beautiful skin

Your skin is the largest and most visible organ of your body. Even if you exfoliate and take time each morning to apply moisturizing beauty products like La Thérapie Émulsion Purifiante Toutes Peaux, there are extra steps you can take to grant your epidermis a brilliant sheen that will be the envy of all your friends. Treat yourself to a few dishes of the delectable foods below for a simple yet highly effective way to let your innate radiance out.

1. Sweet potatoes. Foods rich in vitamin C like sweet potatoes can stimulate collagen production in your body, making them a vital resource in your fight against aging. Sweet potatoes boast high vitamin A content, which aides in UV protection. They also make a delicious summer staple for any cook-outs or family get-togethers.

2. Wild salmon. Omega-3 fatty acids are among the best acids there are, helping form cell membranes that retain moisture and can keep skin hydrated. As you search for a skin care product that will guard against cellulite like Bliss Fat Girl Slim, consider supplementing it with savory plates of wild salmon.

3. Dark chocolate. Even with sunscreen products on, sometimes you can get damaged by the sun. For those afternoons spent aching in bed over a fresh sunburn, grab a few bars of rich dark chocolate. According to Shape Magazine, dark chocolate containing over 70 percent cacao has been shown to enhance the effects of sunscreen, as well as help lower blood pressure and cholesterol. 


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