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Cast a golden shade over your pale complexion

by timetospa June 28, 2012
Cast a golden shade over your pale complexion

Pasty skin has no place in the steamy months of summer, and even if your skin is naturally pale, that shouldn't stop you from getting the bronze-kissed coloring that's all the rage on the beach and beyond. While tanning and extended time under the sun can leave you at risk later on, bronzer can give you the look you crave without the risks. With a few of our great tips, you'll have a hassle-free hue that's perfect for the season.

Bronzer can give your complexion the shade you want, but it can also easily go wrong. If you pick a bronze color that is several tones removed from your natural one, it may seem poorly matched on your face and body. Allure Magazine recommends pairing a pink blush with your bronzer to give it a more realistic dimension.

Even with great application, makeup products can leave embarrassing orange lines that can bring any look down. With Steiner California Sun Glow, you can give your skin the  sunshine hues it craves without the caked-on finish that many bronzers leave behind. Cast a radiant, multifaceted sheen over your face with California Sun by first applying the powder to your cheekbones, then blend on to any other areas you need.


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